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paint, door & metal stripping across Glasgow

We also cover most of the central belt.

The map below should give you a good idea of where we can work.

However, even if you live outside the area, give us a bell anyway (we’re probably nearby)!

Glasgow’s leading paint stripping service

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Paint & Wood Stripping Glasgow

We are able to remove years of paint from pretty much anything that’s made of solid wood or metal. This reveals the natural beauty of wood, which may have been hidden under multiple coats of paint for decades – the colour & grain can be amazing. The end result for metal items can be equally pleasing – no more lumpy paint, a fashionable industrial finish or, at the very least, a smooth surface for you to start again.

The rates for our paint stripping service in Glasgow are extremely competitive, so give us a ring.

Click here for more info on wood stripping or call 07836 251397.

Wood stripping Glasgow - Strip Kwik

Door Stripping Glasgow

For over 15 years, we have been stripping doors in Glasgow, and bringing them back to life (also far more economical than buying new doors).

To begin with, we’ll collect your doors at a time that suits you – this includes evenings & weekends. It doesn’t mater you have a main door in Glasgow or live on the top floor of a tenement, we’ll do the lifting. After stripping and drying your doors, they’ll be returned and re-hung…again at a time that suits you.

The quality of our door stripping service is outstanding, and our prices for people in Glasgow are even better.

Click here for more info on wood stripping or call 07836 251397.

Dipping & Stripping Glasggow

This is a common term for the process we use to remove old paint, varnish & rust from wood & metal. We have a 12ft x 6ft dipping tank, which is one of the largest in Glasgow, and allows us dip and strip items up to 24ft x 12ft!

The tank is filled with caustic soda, which dissolves the paint & varnish, stripping the wood or metal back to it’s original finish.

This is far more effective & far faster than stripping by hand. Let our dip and strip process do all the hard work for you!

Click here for more info on how we dip and strip, or call 07836 251397.

 Metal Stripping Glasgow

The metal stripping process is identical to the process we follow for stripping wood. We can collect metal items from anywhere in Glasgow, and then remove the old paint and rust. Most mild steels can be stripped really easily, and should l save you a huge amount of time trying to achieve the perfect finish manually.

Gates, railings, metal furniture, fireplaces, radiators are just some of the objects that go through the metal strippiniung process every week.

Click here for more info on metal stripping or call 07836 251397.

Cast Iron Radiator Stripping Glasgow

This is one of our services that seems to becoming more fashionable in Glasgow, and further afield. Radiator stripping is a very economical way of bringing beautiful, old radiators back to life. After stripping, the radiators have a nice industrial finish, which some people like to keep (just with a coat of lacquer). However, the removal of rust & paint makes it super-easy to apply a more interesting colour

Click here for more info on our radiator stripping process., or call 07836 251397.

Strip Kwik Service Area

Hopefully, this map makes it easy to show that we cover all of Glasgow for any kind of paint stripping. If you live outside this area, please call anyway as we’re probably somewhere close by each week.

Stripkwik Service Area - Glasgow

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